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No plans for the weekend? Then you should organize an afternoon full of family movies. It's not just the kids who will be excited about this, because adults also love to be transported back in time. Russian fairy tales, classic heroes like Winnie the Pooh or the stories of the Brothers Grimm are among the cult films.

Would you like something a little more visually powerful? Then Walt Disney's film adaptations, which are unique in their expressiveness, should be on the program. Many book templates provided the material for family films with heart and an educational background. The mostly childlike heroes of this genre search for their place in the world and find themselves via detours.


Some of the most recent, must-see Family Movies & TV Series are The Casagrandes Movie (released in 2024), Snoopy Presents: Welcome Home, Franklin (released in 2024) and Let's Talk About CHU (released in 2024).
The top rated Family Movies & TV Series of all time are Live Your Own Life with an Anystream score of 10.0, The Action Pack Saves Christmas with an Anystream score of 10.0 and The Great Myths with an Anystream score of 9.1.
The oldest Family Movies & TV Series are The Scarecrow from the year 1920, The Freshman from the year 1925 and The Adventures of Prince Achmed from the year 1926.