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War & Politics Movies

Intrigues in the White House, the prevention of a terrorist attack or a political conspiracy that could plunge the world into war? Politics and war are an explosive mixture that promise exciting evening entertainment in feature film form. In these days, there are also more and more series dedicated to this topic, e.g. the multi-award-winning drama series "House of Cards".

Often these are more serious films that can be classified more in the direction of drama or thriller. But also real action films like "White House Down" or "Olympus Has Fallen" can be found here, which do not spare on special effects.


Some of the most recent, must-see War & Politics TV Shows are The Whirlwind (released in 2024), Franklin (released in 2024) and Masters of the Air (released in 2024).
The top rated War & Politics TV Shows of all time are Band of Brothers with an Anystream score of 9.0, The Vietnam War with an Anystream score of 8.8 and The World at War with an Anystream score of 8.8.
The oldest War & Politics TV Shows are The World at War from the year 1973, I, Claudius from the year 1976 and Yes Minister from the year 1980.