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Reality TV enjoys great popularity thanks to its high entertainment value; unlike a thriller, the plot is usually easier to understand and not influenced by means of dramaturgical elements or special effects. The aim is to present the events as realistically and authentically as possible.

Reality TV is understood as entertainment programmes that show actual events live or re-enacted. The scenes shown are actually filmed live or acted out. Original footage is often commented on by a presenter and supplemented by re-enacted scenes.


Some of the most recent, must-see Reality TV TV Shows are Agents of Mystery (released in 2024), Going Home with Tyler Cameron (released in 2024) and Unlocked: A Jail Experiment (released in 2024).
The top rated Reality TV TV Shows of all time are How Do You Play? with an Anystream score of 9.5, How to Be Behzinga with an Anystream score of 9.1 and Agents of Mystery with an Anystream score of 9.0.
The oldest Reality TV TV Shows are Cops from the year 1989, To Serve and Protect from the year 1993 and The Challenge from the year 1998.