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When the term "music film" is mentioned, the title "Dirty Dancing" immediately comes to mind. Music films combine singing and a concrete plot. The singing can be done as a musical interlude by the main character, who is actually a singer and takes on a role in the corresponding film. Dance films, on the other hand, thrive on music that stands out not only during dancing and singing moments.

Many musical films have the character of a filmed musical. Here, a plot is presented in words and song, which alternate with each other. Often, musical films are presented as comedies. Films that depict the careers of dancers or musicians, on the other hand, often have a serious background.


The top rated Music TV Shows of all time on ITV are Crazy Ex-Girlfriend with an Anystream score of 7.4.
The oldest Music TV Shows on ITV are Crazy Ex-Girlfriend from the year 2015.