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Psychodrama, melodrama, tragedy, courtroom drama or a romance - all can take on a dramatic expression. It is about death, loss, unattainable desires and persecution that happen to the main character. The characters of the protagonists are analyzed in depth and their conflicting thought processes attain visible expression. Man is presented in his suffering and is left with his despair. Happy end? Not a chance.

Dramas are a world of social and emotional moments. They plumb the depths of the human psyche and bring out what should remain hidden in the soul of man. Fear, insecurity, despair and disorientation are the underlying emotions of a drama. The plot leaves protagonists who have to face their fate and find a new path in life.


The top rated Drama TV Shows of all time on Arrow Player are Gomorrah with an Anystream score of 8.4 and The Saboteurs with an Anystream score of 7.7.
The oldest Drama TV Shows on Arrow Player are Gomorrah from the year 2014 and The Saboteurs from the year 2015.