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Adventure Movies

Traveling to faraway places, bringing exotic locations of the past back to life and lots of special effects - adventure movies are meant to entertain and take you back in time. The genre leans on the action movie, but captivates with more profound content of the storylines. Pirate and knight films belong to the category of adventure films, as do films about the ancient world, where historical events and people form the template.

There are fewer technical effects here, as the plot is the main focus. The protagonist is constantly confronted with challenges and seemingly insurmountable difficulties that try to prevent him from reaching his goal. Adventure films thrive on spectacular locations and elaborated costumes.


The top rated Adventure TV Shows of all time on Prime + IMDb TV are Person of Interest with an Anystream score of 8.3, Leverage: Redemption with an Anystream score of 8.1 and Leverage with an Anystream score of 7.8.
The oldest Adventure TV Shows on Prime + IMDb TV are Renegade from the year 1992, The Lost World from the year 1999 and Andromeda from the year 2000.