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Sci-Fi & Fantasy Movies

Elves, dwarves or maybe aliens? Sci-fi and fantasy films let you dive into the most diverse and fantastic worlds. These can be colourful and more or less peaceful worlds, but also dark and scary worlds. In sci-fi and fantasy films, the boundaries of the real world are overcome. Sometimes there is a link to the world as we know it, sometimes the films are set in a universe of their own.

A multitude of book adaptations, such as the fantasy classic by J. J. R. Tolkien "The Lord of the Rings" with its three films, can be classified here, as well as the world-famous sci-fi classics in the Star Wars universe. This film genre always enjoys great popularity with young and old and offers a colourful mix from drama to horror to thrillers and action.


The top rated Sci-Fi & Fantasy Movies of all time on Spamflix are The Aerial with an Anystream score of 7.2, Idiots and Angels with an Anystream score of 6.9 and The Wild Boys with an Anystream score of 6.7.
The oldest Sci-Fi & Fantasy Movies on Spamflix are Fascists on Mars from the year 2006, The Aerial from the year 2007 and Idiots and Angels from the year 2008.