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Laugh from the heart, enjoy the comedy of a situation and amuse yourself about human weaknesses? With a good comedy, nothing stands in the way. The best example from the German-speaking world - "Der Schuh des Manitu". Leave the seriousness of the world at the door and give yourself a break with a comedy, because laughter is healthy and makes you happy. In a comedy you expect a happy ending, because the hero always finds his happiness. If the events do not provide a harmonious ending, it is about a tragicomedy.

Funny, surprising, but with a serious background. Movies like "Three Men in the Snow" and the annual Christmas classic "Kevin Alone at Home" always strain the laugh muscles and guarantee an entertaining movie experience.


The top rated Comedy Movies of all time on Arrow Player are Heathers with an Anystream score of 7.3, Show Me Love with an Anystream score of 7.3 and The Day of the Beast with an Anystream score of 7.3.
The oldest Comedy Movies on Arrow Player are Spider Baby from the year 1967, Basket Case from the year 1982 and Pauline at the Beach from the year 1983.